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About Us


Supporting salon owners, stylists and other kids hair professionals

In the beginning………..

there were beauty salons and barber shops. An industry grew to service those businesses and provide resources to individual salons and stylists who might not have the national reach or resources to access all the products and services available in the growing beauty marketplace…..

Then came national chains and family salons that were able to expand their reach and consolidate their operations to perform more effectively.

As the art and craft of hair developed under the leadership of such artists as Vidal Sassoon and John Paul Dejoria, the market grew rich with professional products available exclusively in hair salons. The industry expanded and savvy hair professionals began to target specific clients and look for products that would meet their needs.

In the 1990’s, kid specialty salons began to emerge as a viable alternative to adult salons that were not designed to appeal to nor provide the products and services to a younger clientele.

A category was born that merged beauty supply with children’s market. Manufacturers began to create products that were formulated and marketed for the unique needs of children’s hair.

ABC Kids Salon Supply was founded in 2013 with the sole mission of bringing the best of these products and resources to the professional through one source and to make it easier for kid’s hair professionals to launch and grow their business.

Won’t you join us?